Raptors vs. Nets: Chuck Swirsky, please shut up

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njntor_20061215.jpgRaptors/Nets today and the Raps manage to pull of another sweet win, 90-78 at the ACC with Vince having a miserable game and fans chanting “Carter Sucks” pretty loudly and effectively in the fourth quarter. Total team win with six players in double figures. But lets leave that on the side for a few minutes.

Cameras catch Vince smiling at halftime with his team down 10 and Swirsky says something like, “He’s laughing. His teams down 10. Whatever“. OK, now Vince smiling and laughing with his team is down is NOTHING new. It’s all happened before here in Toronto and is happening in New Jersey. Vince did that thing throughout his time in Toronto and not once, not even a single time did Chuck Swirsky have the onions to criticize him or even comment on this noticeable weird trait of Vince. Chuck Swirsky first checks whose listening and then speaks. Just once I’d like to hear Chuck be honest in his assessment of players. For once I’d like to see him not exaggerate capabilities of players when they’re playing on his team and demean them when they’re playing for someone else.

Nets came out flat for the most part with Kristic and Carter both being ineffective for most of the game. Give credit to Toronto’s defense, especially Rasho Nesterovic who’s making most of the minutes he’s getting in Bosh’s abscence. Nesterovic had a Luc-Longley-with-the-Bulls type game hitting soft jumpers when created by teammates and using his size to disturb Net drives to the rim (3 blocks but changed many more a shot). TJ Ford with a couple clutch shots down the stretch along with some responsible defending gets the Raps another well deserved win.

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