Raptors. vs. Magic: Jack Armstrong is funny

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Moment of truth from the Raptors vs. Magic game from Orlando where the Raps surprisingly pulled off a pretty sweet victory.

jack armstrongChuck “organizational mouthpiece” Swirsky was busy describing how great it was that Dwight Howard wished in 8th grade that he would win a state championship and then be selected #1 overall in the NBA draft, only to see it actually happen. This is in the 8th grade Jack!, Chuck says. Howard clangs a free throw at this moment and Jack remarks, Maybe he should’ve wished to be a better free throw shooter“. Chuck drops the conversation.

Later on in the game as Andrea Bargnani hits a three to give him 13 points in the game midway through the third quarter, Chuck declares, He’s been the best player on the court tonight, Jack?. Jack responds with loud silence to the obvious hyperbole.

Every Raptor game which is blessed with Jack’s presence has a moment or two like these.

About the game itself, Bargnani did heat up in the fourth quarter to bury some long threes to preserve a deserved and unexpected Raptors victory against the best team in the Eastern Conference (allbeit recordwise). Why Brian Hill kept Dwight Howard on the bench till the last three minutes of the fourth quarter is anybody’s guess. Maybe he forgot he was there? Either way, it wouldn’t have mattered Rasho Nesterovic earned a little of his salary by keeping the beast that is Howard to a difficult double double.

Believe it or not, with a win against New Jersey on Friday, the Raptors will be tops in the Atlantic despite being five games below .500. Go Raptors.

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