Raptors vs. Hornets, 8pm

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What kind of jerkoff boss makes his employees work on New Years Eve? I mean, come on! After Victoria’s Day, April 20th, Lost’s season premiere, and my birthday, NYE is right up there with the holiest of holidays. And except for waiters, bar staff, public transport workers, cab drivers, police, firefighters, emergency workers, telephone operators, transient performers, and both cheap and high-priced hookers, everyone else should be drinking, dancing, and making out with their best friend’s sister (who you couldn’t recognize because she was wearing one of those party half-masks. At least you SAID you couldn’t recognize her…)

Well, if millionaire professional athletes have to spend their new years in the crappy party heaven that is New Orleans, then the least I can do is support their plight by not taking the time between vodka sours to make a post.

Take that, internet!

Girl Talk: Morris Peterson

But Pasha is such a pretty girl I just don’t understand why she is doing the things she does. Ok the whole Mo Pete thing ok ya’ll say it was a couple years ago. Ok she was young and naive I’ll give her that. Everyon can have their young and dumb phases. I mean he was a basketball player with money and she was a video vixen. But by now homegirl should be up on game. I personally believe that herpes thing is true because Pasha had every chance to make it big like her co-vixens (Melyssa Ford, KD Aubert, Karrine Steffans, Lauren London) they were all in the same vixen era as her and all them stepped out and made something more of themselves (i.e. movies, books, tv appearances). And she is just as pretty if not prettier than them. And she working as a bartender in New York????? oh naw somethings not right there????? And then to top it all off, this chick is messing with homo closet ms diva herself Terrance J from 106 and Park who is just about as corny as Nick Cannon????? I hope she knows when her back is turned that nigga is probably getting his dick wet with BET’s black carpet host Toure’. I’m not sayin I’m just saying Terrance J is a lil too sweet and sugary if you ask me. Pasha if you read this get up on game girl! Make that money don’t let these niggas beard or smut you HONEY!

(DiNote: I’ve started hyperlinking the Girl Talk quotes in case you want to follow the confusing retorts and curious ebonics that is spit back and forth on there.)

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