Talking Raptors with RaptorsHQ

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There are a few great Raptor blogs out there and one of them is RaptorsHQ. I had a chance to talk some hoops with Adam and Dave, also known as Franchise and Howland. We chatted some Raptors ball and discussed issues ranging from Sam Mitchell to Roko Ukic. If I seem a little out of it, it’s because I’m battling a severe flu which might result in my death by midweek. So if this is the last post I’ll ever make, it was nice knowing ya.

You can click the play button below below or you can listen directly in iTunes. If you’re on a mobile device, you may download the file.


Thanks again to Adam and Dave for giving their take on the wide variety of Raptors topics discussed. Raptors bloggers are the best – unpaid but hard-working.

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