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Need to Handle Business


The Raptors need to take this one as they head into a tough stretch of games where they play 7 teams who are .500 or better. Without getting too far ahead of ourselves, there is a game against the Wolves. Don’t get too excited, but it could mean two wins in a row for the Raps. It should mean two wins in a row. Actually, if they don’t win against the Wolves, Bosh might start Twittering haiku’s to the masses.

A sexy G*d fearing dame.

After going 10-4 in January, and leading the league in wins, the Wolves have gone 2-8 so far in February with one of those losses coming against the Raptors. In fact, the Raptors haven’t lost to the Wolves in 5 years, a span of 9 games. I don’t think any other team in the league has that distinction. They played the Lakers on Sunday and took a 5 point lead into the 4th, ultimately losing 111-108. Say what you will about them, but they have a few nice young players who play some exciting basketball, too bad Jefferson is down for the count. I’ll take it.

The Raptors on the other hand aren’t much better, going 3-7 in their last win, and 1-2 since the Marion hit the scene. Over the weekend, they split a pair of games with the Knicks, getting blown out of the water on the first one in Mecca, then winning by (not blowing them out mind you) 11 two days later.

Chrissa checks in as my favourite Timberwolves cheerleader, which isn’t saying much. Gotta say, most of these girls are pretty lame, Church going folk. Not that there is anything wrong with Church, we here at RR support religion (well I do anyways), but when this Telemarketer Market Researcher’s goal is to live a Christian life in everything she does…kills the buzz a bit. I was gonna go with Ashley K, but I fell asleep reading her profile. You can Fan Chrissa on Facebook if you so choose.

Injury Report

Kris Humphries

Corey Brewer
Al Jefferson


Calderon vs Telfair
The Edge: Calderon
Calderon won the match-up last time around as Telfair didn’t bother to pass the ball to anyone. I don’t expect much more out of Marbury’s cousin, was never a big fan of him. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

Parker vs Foye
The Edge: Foye
Randy “McHale traded Roy to get” Foye dropped 33pts 8rebs on us the last time around while Parker was nowhere to be found. Since Parker had the solid game against the Knicks on Sunday, I don’t expect him to make out to this one. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

Marion vs Miller
The Edge: Marion
16pts 15rebs 5st Sunday against the Knicks. If he can do that for a couple more years, I’d give him a 3/$24 in the summer. Joey Graham kept Miller in check last time around, Marion should do the same. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

Bosh vs Gomes
The Edge: Bosh
CB4 anchored the defense since it is his new focus at the moment. I have to admit I don’t disagree with him going that route. He was a beast at the Olympics and frankly, whatever keeps the guy happy keeps me happy. Gomes dropped 17 last time around, but Bosh should keep him in check. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

Bargnani vs Love
The Edge: Love
Love dropped 15pts 11rebs last time around, and has been having a pretty solid rookie season. I just have a feeling that Bargnani will have a pretty solid offensive game, but fail to keep Love off the boards or off the score sheet, which will ultimately swing this match-up in Kevin’s advantage. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

The Line has the Raptors at 6.5, and says the Raptors have a 64% chance of winning. Ultimately doesn’t matter, Jefferson is injured.

The Prediction

Jefferson is injured, Raptors win by 12

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