Wade Came. Wade Saw. Wade Conquered.

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“…Scottie Pippen defense my ass” – @RapsGurl
Raptors 102, Heat 108

It wasn’t the game that Arsenalist was looking for (Joey vs Moon), in fact, both were small bit players in what was Wade vs Bosh. Not a head-to-head match-up, but we saw potential future teammates battle it out like titans. Normally I am extremely hard on Bosh, I expect a lot out of him, but he played one of his best games of the year in a tight loss to the Heat Wade.

Interesting team these Heat are, remove Wade from the picture, and you have yourself a D-League team. I fully expected this team to be at the bottom of the East of this season. The mistake I made was to discount Wade. I mean obviously he is an elite player in the league, but so is Bosh. If you switch Wade and Bosh right now, Miami is a 20 win team right now (not hating on Bosh, just saying).

Normally there are 5-12 reasons why the Raptors lose any given game, but last night it was Wade, and his ability to do whatever he wanted on the court. Parker actually did a great job on Wade IMHO. I mean, you aren’t going to stop Wade, ever. You hope he settles for the jumper, and only dunks on you a few times, but last night, he dropped bomb after bomb. What was Parker/Triano/BC to do on this specific night?

Wade has made his living off getting to the rack, he is second in the league in points in the paint, but it was his stellar shooting that killed us last night He only got t o the line 7 times, which is about 3 less then then his norm. Bosh on the other hand had a great all around showing. He scored in the lane, from the perimeter, with his back to the basket, from the line and even dropped a trey. In fact, he even had a lot of support on this night:

  • Parker 16pts 9ast
  • Bargnani 23pts
  • POPS 4pts 10rebs a la Rodman
  • Kapono 10pts 4rebs
You can see that stupid smile from here.

From a defensive perspective, everyone but Wade was kept in check: Beasley was second in points with 12. Like I said, this is a D-League team with Wade, the guy has them a half game out of 4th in the East – he’s that good great, no real analysis or break-down is necessary, my notes all had “Wade bla bla bla” or bla bla bla Wade”.

Of more interest to me was the return of O’Neal and Moon to the ACC since the trade a month ago. A voice in all our heads had us worried they would kill us in a novel irony, but the game started and we remembered Moon sucks and O’Neal is still getting his feel/touch back after a couple years on the shelf. Admit it, how happy were you when Moon faked that three pointer, then shot it and clanked it off the front of the rim, twice?? lol How about when Parker and Marion posterized him (both pictured above)? Made me happy. I am happy the guy is playing ball and has a career in the league, but it was just great to see his lazy play against us for a change.

O’Neal on the other hand is a sadder story for me. I was against the trade from the get go, but when he had his press-conference, he said a lot of things that got me excited, but it was a marriage doomed before it began. Not his fault that our idiot GM doesn’t have daddy holding his hand-encouraging him on any more.

Wouldn’t be right to wrap things up without mentioning Pops. 4pts 10rebs +6 in 15 minutes. He wont be doing that every night, but we might just have ourselves someone who can be useful. Gotta admit, I didn’t think this would amount to anything, but it seems BC has a good pick up this season. All on his own too (or did Embry help with that one????).

One more thing, if anyone has seen Calderon, please let us know. The guy isn’t the best point guard in the world, but 3pts 6ast in 31 minutes, seriously?

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