Linkage for Apr 28 12pm to May 8 12am

Linkage for Apr 28 12pm through May 8 12am:

  • Kevin Garnett: A History Of Racism While Kevin Garnett has cemented his name in the NBA ranks as perhaps one of the greatest players to ever play the game, his antics over the last 14 years should raise some eyebrows as to exactly who he is and what he’s about.
  • Chris Bosh wins back
  • Dime Magazine Trade proposal: Chris Bosh to Miami for Michael Beasley While I’m over here considering ways to get Michael Beasley more playing time and shot opportunities with the Heat, some people in Miami are considering ways to use Beasley as trade bait to bring in another left-handed power forward with superstar potential.
  • PBN Mock draft: Raptors select Ty Lawson
  • Russell Hicks gets tryout with Toronto Raptors The future is looking bright for Russell Hicks.

    After four sometimes tumultuous years of NCAA basketball, the Niagara Falls native is focused on finding a spot in professional ball – be that in the National Basketball Association or in Europe.

  • A rather wild and crazy night, everywhere Not sure what the schedule is around these parts for that in-game blog stuff we do; I know for certain that there’ll be nothing going on tonight (I don’t really care about Game 2 of Cavs-Hawks and could use a night away from the game) but I’m thinking perhaps a long night of doubleheader action tomorrow and then an idle weekend? Whaddya think?
  • Dino Nation Blog: Raptors Should Fear NHL Deux In Ontario. Jack Armstrong in talking about the whole Jim Basillie and Gary Bettman feud about Basillie and his desire to bring a second team to Southern Ontario made a good point. Now personally being from Hamilton and the fact Basillie has targeted it as the place this team may end up makes me happy for people of Hamilton.

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