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Morning Coffee Sept 5

Toronto Sun

This off-season, general manager Bryan Colangelo has made a number of moves in a bid to improve last year’s squad, bringing in such notables as Hedo Turkoglu, first-round draft pick DeMar DeRozan and Jarrett Jack.

"A chance to win, that’s all it comes down to," Bosh said. "That’s all I ask for — to have a chance to win a championship."

As usual, Bosh said a key to any success will come down to how much centre Andrea Bargnani continues to improve. The big Italian averaged career highs of 15.4 points, 5.3 rebounds, 1.24 blocked shots and 31.4 minutes last season and signed a five-year, $50-million US extension this summer.

"He’s pretty much raised the bar for himself with his good play at the end of last year," Bosh said. "I think he can be a tremendous help to us if he continues to play like that."


In a radio interview, Bosh was of course asked about his 2010 free agency plans: “I want to win a championship one day, plain and simple,” Bosh said. “I like the fact that we’ve revamped our team, we’ve addressed some weaknesses — but I think this year does play a key role in my decision next summer.” In other words, if the Raps miss the playoffs and/or underachieve again, Hedo could quickly go from being a complimentary guy to being The Man with Bosh gone. And Toronto fans bristle when you suggest Bosh could also leave for media-market reasons, but the fact of the matter is Bosh would increase his U.S. profile immediately if he signs with New York, Miami or Houston. And he knows it

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But, two players Dave mentioned look like comparables were ones that I hadn’t considered.  Nick Anderson, drafted in 1989 by the Magic and Jason Richardson, currently with the Suns.

Well Anderson may be reaching back just a ways, but if one looks at his college and NBA career, Dave has got a point.  And, old on-line pictures of Anderson even kind of remind one of DeRozan (okay I’m blind).

But when I starting looking at Jason Richardson’s college and NBA career and his pre-draft measurements and scouting reports, well this was going somewhere.

This morning in Madrid, took place the press conference for the presentation of Jose Manuel Calderon as a collaborator with the TV channel, la Sexta, in the broadcasting of the games that the Spanish National Team will play in the European Championship in Poland. Jose Manuel will travel to Warsaw next Sunday with the usual team of the TV channel and will participate in the broadcasting of the Spanish National team’s games in the Championship.

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