Live Blog: Raptors Scrimmage

4 mins read

Don’t hate us if this is a massive fail.

Arse is late..

I’m here and rasho is the most in shape raptor

still doing shootaround. Arse passed a ball to Banks and is pumped about it.

Sonny Weems with his mouthguard….on his ear.

Devlin as the MC. Make of that what you will.

Quincy looking fierce.

Alvin rocking the RUN DMC Adidas.

The shooting drill games continue.

Dunking drills now. Weems is INSANE.

Bosh came out to a 3/4 standing ovation. Arse even clapped.


Amir won the tip.

Jack shortarmed 2 straight jumpers.

Rasho’s feet are bigger than my……forearm.

Wright with a smooooth stroke.

Jose is healthy, folks. Up and down pace.

DeDe with a slam.

9-8 with with 3:47 left for some team.

Nav the superfan is here.

Jack behind the back to Evans.

Banks and POB nailed to the bench, even in scrimmage.

Bargs with a nice board and putback. Not going to say that too much.

It’s hotter in here than the Rail on a Leafs game night.

15-12 at the end of one.

Arse: DeRozan has no left hand.

By the way, recap and photos tomorrow. Doing this from my Blackberry.

Jack hamming it up with a toddler. Nice to see.

I have never seen Arsenalist so giddy.

DeRozan….power dunk.

Banks and POB in the game!!! POB is my pick for MIP on the Raps.

Marcus crosses over Jack but shortarms the shot.

Great movement on all sets. Much more athletic so far.

BC Maurizio Jay Embry all at the scorers table.

As is Arse’s fave Jim Kelly.

17-16 328 left in the second.

Wonder how nervous Eric Koreen is.

POB wide open and Marcus looks him off. Screw you, Marcus.

Jack hustling into the stands after a loose ball.

Douby blocks Jose HARD.

Bargs punks Rasho into a foul.

Jack is the floor leader thus far, according to Arse, who I’m sure did lines on his way here.

Jose’s clap defence is back!!

23-20 at the half.

Here come the Dance Pak but only 5 are here.

Colangelo at centre court with a $16,000 donation to Carleton.

Eric’s haircut is up. I think the barber is from BET.

POB takes the charge from Evans.

Banks’ shoes are from the late 80s.

Marcus is useless says Arse.

DeMar has trouble when doubled.

Douby continues hustling. He is playing for PT.

Rasho is thinner than I remember.

Jarrett likes to talk. A lot.

Evans is horrible around the hoop. Can’t score to save his life.

Not many set plays at all.

Is the D improved? Ummmmm….maybe?

Evans finally does finish!!

41-23 Calderon losing to Jack.

POB taking it to Evans.

DeMar is working the outside game now.

Johnson shooting from the outside?!?!

DeRo Air is taking off..

Crowd is chanting DEFENCE. Seriously.

POB with the long range missile….nothing but net!

Douby with a nice floater.

47-32 final score.

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