Raptors Host Agent Zero et al

I’m not a pre-season kind of guy: on the one hand, I don’t get excited when the Raptors win a game – it’s pre-season, means nothing; but on the other hand, when they lose…WTF! Irrational, I know. Fortunately, Triano doesn’t care either way, it’s how the boys on the 2nd and 3rd units are gonna do. So far, what we’ve seen has been a mixed bag of results:

Jack – looks to make things happen, the guy is a proven commodity in the league, so we know what we were in for when we got him.

Wright – been injured, but should be ready to go when the games mean something.

– he can play, but he wont be doing much of anything for the Raptors, doesn’t matter what it isn’t regular season. My candidate for worst player in the league.

Weems – when he gets the call to enter the game, folks wont be groaning and actually hoping he gets a clear look at the rim with some steam behind him.

Belinelli – Lots of game, no consistency.

Johnson – Gets at it, but no consistency.

O’Bryant – if he picks it up, we will start a shrine at RR for the guy, swear to God.

Nesterovic – giving us exactly what we thought he would.

Keys to the Game

The Wizard have always given the Raptors problems. How many times have you felt violently towards the career games Brendan Haywood would have against us? Jamison, Oberto, Young and Blatche will all be tough to contain. Bargnani needs to crash the boards harder, 3rebs in 23mins is unacceptable. I don’t care how efficiently he is scoring. Luckily, Bosh should be getting more then 11mins.

For a guy who has been PAID, and hasn’t really done anything, it is amazing he kept yapping up until this year. He has been playing a little gun shy, but with happy-clapper covering him to start things off, the stage is set for him to come out of his early funk.

3-Point Shooting
The Raptors were 47.4% (9-19) from beyond the arc against the Timberwolves. If they can keep that up against a Wizards team that doesn’t play great defense, they will be tough to stop.

Quick Hits

  • Whatever happened to that playbook? Looks like the high pick n roll is still standing tall with one or two newbies
  • DeMar needs to step up his rebounding a bit. He could be devastating at the SG spot with his size and athleticism.
  • It’s only pre-season, but so far, I have been wrong about Weems – the guy isn’t a write off
  • If Johnson could stay out of foul trouble, he may not be that bad

We will be running a live-chat during the game, so come back and drop some knowledge.

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