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Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call Dec 18 vs Nets

The “phew, that was close” edition.

Banks – tell me you weren’t shocked when he hit those 3s early. For a guy who takes a lot of stick in these parts, it was satisfying to see him have a good game.

Bargnani –  good game from the pasta pusher. Did a great job in making Lopez think and, in turn, foul.

Belinelli – first, the good: active hands on defense and some great hustle. Now, the bad: the rest of his game. Plain and simple, the guy sucks. Just a brutal trade. He has brought next to nothing and has watched guys with household names like Weems zoom by him in the rotation. Suckage.

Bosh – Boone and Najera kept you off the boards, Chris. Think about that. The pep in his step has disappeared and this team will have little hope unless he finds it again. 

Calderon – nice shirt/tie combo. Very……umm………festive?

DeRozan – looks like he enjoys playing young teams. Granted he was taking on the Nets, but he looked so much more relaxed and engaged tonight. The whole team needed a game that they could use to build confidence, but DeMar needed one more than most, just to snap him out of his recent funk.

Evans – my Christmas wish?  I want to see Reggie walk to the bench with his pimp walk, big rimmed hat, cane, and snakeskin boots. He’ll then blow kisses to the crowd, point at Nav the Super Fan and bellow “you work for ME now, bitch”.

Jack – superb game. He started fast on the gas and never let up. Faced with one of the better PGs in the league, he crushed his spirit early. I think nobody missed Jose tonight.

Johnson – Amir bestowed his best game of the year upon his ever-growing fanbase. He was hitting shots like he was Kareem, but with an attitude. Pulling down boards like he was Barkley without that extra weight. How long until there is an Amir section at the ACC?

Mensah-Bonsu – meh.

Nesterovic – gift list: slippers, pipe, heating pad, smoking jacket, goat.

O’Bryant – let me tell you what I like about his game.

Turkoglu- brilliant. Used early and often in the offensive sets, took smart shots, looked to distribute, made the Nets look like a junior high team, and did everything he should have been doing for the past month.

Weems – 10, 4, and 4. A nice game for him on any night. However, how the heck do you foul out in a game like this? Seriously! Anywhooo……he did play well and seemed to be on a pogo stick at times. Solid.

Wright – how deep is this dog house? Alex English needs to work with this kid and bring him along. Show him how to come into a game and take advantage of what is given to him. Without that guidance, he’ll be a greeter at WalMart in 4 years.

Driving The Bus:  Hedo Turkoglu

Under The Bus:  Marco Belinelli

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