Quotes from practice – Jan 26

Triano on the significance of the game:

As we say in Canada, or in hockey, it’s one of those four-pointers. It’s two you get and two they don’t. It has a little bit more value than even the Lakers game.

On DeRozan:

He sprained his ankle the other day in the game and sat out most of yesterday’s practice and came back today and twisted the other one…he stepped on somebody’s foot in one of our drills. Sonny Weems could be playing a lot of minutes at his position, maybe even as a starter.

He also hinted at Antoine Wright checking Dwayne Wade, I don’t think he’s made up his mind yet. Call it a game-time decision.

On defense:

Everybody’s more comfortable with each other and know where they’re supposed to be, communication’s much better and that comes comes with confidence, we know where the help is, we’re aggressive wwih it, we’re putting more pressure on the basketball. It took us a while to figure out, we tried a few things , we experimented for the first 20 [games], now we’re playing to our strengths. We’re more comfortable eiwth our coverages, it gives us the ability to react more than think.

Bosh on the game and more specifically, any tie-breakers that might come into play later:

We have a chance to take over the fifth spot with a win tomorrow. Like we said with Milwaukee, this might be one of those games where the tie-breaker could come into effect at the end of the season so its an important game, a big one.

He gave a different answer to the “Why are you a better defensive team now?”:

Wanting to win. That’s pretty much it, we know we have to play defense to win and if we don’t play good defense you’re going to get beat. Plain and simple.

On Wade coming to town:

We’re playing well at home, Miami’s playing well. Anytime Dwyane Wade is here a lot of Dwyane fans come out and it’s just a lot of hype behind the game. It’s going to be pretty good. I think the significance of the game tomorrow is going to make it a very intense environment. That’s the best basketball.

Jarrett Jack on the fans:

Fans here are unbelievable. They’re similar to east coast fans: really, really passionate about basketball, really attached to the team, they express their feelings when they’re happy and when they’re not happy. Some people look at that as wavering or whatever, but I like it,they care about the sport and they believe in us 100%. I love fans that are really really into the game, it helps me get going. I remember one game I was having a rough game and a fan yelled out “C’mon Jack, you got to pick it up”. I’m like, he’s right, I do got to pick it up.

Jarrett Jack on how the team goes about scouting:

Me personally, I’m pretty familiar with the personnel, I watch basketball 24/7. Our coaching staff does a great job of preparing overall scouting reports and for individual players. You don’t want to have 20 different things going through your mind when you’re guarding someone, like with Dwayne Wade. We know that he definitely loves going to his right, and typically when he does that he finishes at the rim, going left he’s more suited to pull up for the jump-shot. But still, you can’t use that as, “He’s going left, so I can be lax”. You have to be on him.

Jack on the defense:

Belief, man. Once you do it over and over it kind of becomes a mindset. It becomes fun in a way. Being able to lock teams down. Normally, when you play great defense, it translates into even better offense. We know if we lock teams down we can get into that uptempo style we like.

I think talking is contagious. You can be saying the wrong things and just by talking you can have yourself in the right position to take charges or be able to help or rotate or whatever the case is. I definitely think it’s contagious. Me and [Bosh], we go back to college, that’s where we developed that. You see a lot of guys out there talking: Andrea, Marco, Jose, Hedo. It’s a domino effect and I’m glad it’s taking hold.

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