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Raptors Roll Call March 28 vs Heat

The “up big means nothing” edition.

The “up big means nothing” edition.

Banks – amazingly, he may have moved above Hedo in the depth chart.

Bargnani – decent game peppered with too many turnovers. Certainly possessed a streaky shot, but for a few minutes there in the second half the hoop must have looked as big as Hedo’s paycheque as Andrea nailed back to back threes and showed more emotion than he has since getting a new spaghetti measurer for Christmas.

Belinelli – people hope for many things. World peace. Cheap gas. Finding love. Getting stuff free. Marco never seeing the floor. To have Justin Bieber’s success.

Bosh – there is being soft, there is not displaying characteristics of a leader and then there is gut-wrenching lack of perfomance(s). Yes, he had one nice reverse jam…but it was on a guy that he should have had 10 on. Hell, he is CANADIAN for crying out loud!! The continual look of despondency throughout the game was bone chilling. I literally feel I could fill a book after seeing his lack of effort tonight. Just a pathetic display from someone who appears to not give a toss if his team gets into the post-season or not.

Calderon – gave us a 3rd quarter performance that should have come from our leader. Talking on both ends of the floor, passing the ball with crispness, feeding the hot hand, hitting his own shots. Masterful. Just wasn’t enough. Left on the bench far too long into the fourth.

DeRozan – how do you have a guard take 1 shot in 24minutes? Sure, he got himself to the line, but you have to work yourself free and make yourself open…or at least cut to the basket on occasion. Not a strong showing, but hey, at least he was on the floor in the fourth!

Evans – as useless as giving antiperspirant as a gift to Patrick Ewing.

Jack – another game, another swan dive into courtside seats. A few more spots to the right and Jack Armstrong would have been a goner. Look, did he have a great point guard game? No. Tell you what, though…he played with heart and passion and at least appeared to care about getting to the playoffs for the first time in his NBA career.

Johnson – 5 fouls and –10. For realism, the team photo should show him slapping the trainer since him lowering the boom on someone is the only type of game action we see from him on a regular basis.

Nesterovic – you just know this guy is writing a diary about this whole season. He’s going to title it: “My Year With The Special People” and it will feature a forward by Micah Nori.

O’Bryant – picked up NHL 2k10. To keep it realistic to his NBA skills, he plays as Jeff Finger.

Turkoglu- Jay said after the game he was a DNP-CD. He also said he was under the weather and he also didn’t play him to “send a message". If so, kudos to Jay. Hedo has put more effort into setting up Skype so he can talk to his wife in Orlando than he has in making this team a success.

Weems – I was excited that Weems was still in the starting lineup. Then the game started. Actually, he fared okay. It’s hard not to when you can jump out of the gym and also have the ability to stick with your guy.

Wright – he’s my official “Oh Jesus” guy now, since that is what I utter every time the ball leaves his hand. He throws up some ugly shots, but he offsets it with good defence (actually, stellar defence when compared to his teammates). He’ll never be a pretty player, but he’s a guy that can win you a game. He was missing tonight, though.

Driving The Bus:  Jarrett Jack

Under The Bus:  Chris Bosh

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