Raptors Roll Call March 29 vs Bobcats

The “we didn’t win, they lost….but we’ll take it” edition.

The “we didn’t win, they lost….but we’ll take it” edition.

Banks – sweating in his suit a bit since he is in Kat Stacks’ list of contacts. He don’t need no scandal.

Bargnani – this time we saw a mini fist-pump, but on the defensive end of the court. He was a big part of the core group that pulled this game out in the end, even though he missed a crucial free throw. Solid game, nice hair.

Belinelli – he was Hedo’d tonight but not because he was seen on the town, but because he was seen for what he is: a horrible basketball player.

Bosh – he played harder and better in the first 4 minutes of this game than in almost any of his games since the AllStar game. He had a nice block early which seemed to fuel him a little. Late in the game, he buckled down, remained talkative and most importantly kept his eye on the prize. Still far too many jumpers and he takes longer to make decisions than a woman with a walk-in closet, but he pushed his teammates tonight.

Calderon – not gonna lie: coming in I thought he would get lit up by Felton and Augustin something fierce. He actually did okay, though. He moved with his feet well and kept his jazz hands flowing to a Fosse like beat.

DeRozan – still playing much better off the bench, but that’s like saying your math-challenged son excelled when he moved from calculus class to arithmetic 101. He is showing what his role should be, though….a second or third stringer for the forseeable future.

Evans – no man of that size should scream like that. Just sayin.  2 fouls in 3 minutes making me glad we waited for him to come back from injury. Why he is trying to be an offensive threat is beyond me. Idiot.

Jack – quite the fourth quarter: Scored all 12 of his points in the frame and literally became the floor general. He was moving people around like he was a square dance instructor. Hate to say it, but I agree with Jay in that the Hedo, DeMar, Jarrett combo off the bench is a nice looking unit.

Johnson – I bet you he is a killer player at Whack-A-Mole. Look, with Reggie sucking eggs, Amir needs to stay on the floor and be there to grab rebounds and feed his players. That is your one and only role. Do it. Cut down on your silly fouls and play smart basketball.

Nesterovic – he’s the only guy on the team that still thinks Minesweeper is cutting edge.

O’Bryant – he’s trying to buy up his teammates frequent flier miles and hotel points since, well, next year he might be in the D-League riding Greyhounds to places that GPS’ can’t find.

Turkoglu- not getting too excited, but he pulled an ice-cold Raptors team back to reality twice tonight and kickstarted the offence. Seemed to take on the shooter role with a bit more hunger than in the past, which was a welcome change. Nothing has been forgiven, but without him tonight, the Raptors would be coming home a dejected bunch.

Weems – Bosh had a great dunk tonight, but I actually liked Sonny’s more. He drove, he rose, he jammed.  Mind you, he didn’t do much more of note in the game…especially by missing 2 free throws that could have pretty much iced the game.

Wright – don’t know what was up with his sinister smile throughout the game, but whatever works. Had a nice shooting night and played Robin to a cast of characters that needed someone to spread the floor for them. Antoine did that well tonight.

Driving The Bus:  Jarret Jack

Under The Bus:  Sonny Weems

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