Roll Call

Raptors Roll Call April 4 vs Warriors

The “we didn’t deserve it but man that woulda been sweet” edition.

Banks – relish. You rarely use it, but when you do, you remember how good it could be.

Bargnani – spicy tomato sauce. Not to everyone’s taste, but if you love it, you LOVE it. To say he had an off shooting night tonight is like saying Stacey Dash is kinda cute for her age. He had already hoisted 13 by the early part of the second quarter and finished this work of art going 7 for 23. A good number of those were wide open looks. Not good.

Belinelli – 6 month old mayonnaise. It could still be good, but you are scared to use it.

Bosh – ketchup. The old standby that goes well with everything. Outstanding night offensively, 1 monster block, took care of the ball with only 3 turnovers, 12 rebounds and 5 steals. Could have won the game at the end, but not in the cards. Oddly enough, he was supposed to miss that free throw and didn’t. 20/23 from the line.

Calderon – jalapeno peppers. Good on one end, but not necessarily coming out the other. Tonight was a prime example…..Stephen must have had a fitful sleep last night thinking of what he could do to Jose and it didn’t take him long to try everything out. Just not a nice night at the office for Jose. At all.

DeRozan – sugar free low calorie strawberry jam. Looks great at first glance but when you use it to start your day, it just seems lacking. Very active tonight pulling down 5 boards, but I was hoping for more considering he was up against an athletic team that liked to run and pop a shot. Of course, we’ve expected more all year, so there ya go.

Evans – sauerkraut. Always looks good in the fridge, but truthfully should probably stay there since it has a knack of upsetting your stomach when used.

Jack – dijon mustard. A popular topping made even better with a twist.  Jack turned this team around in the fourth. He buckled down, took the butt kicking Curry and Maggette were laying on the Raptors personally and brought his teammates along for the ride. His performance even turned the boo-birds around, something tough to do in this city of fan-idiots. 

Johnson – marmalade. Sometime it tastes so sweet, other times it just doesn’t have that kick. Had a great hustle game tonight and had a bit of a shooting stroke too. He outworked his defenders quite a bit and was all over the floor. An impressive game that allowed us to hang around.

Nesterovic – molasses. Used rarely and, when used, is slow to react.

O’Bryant – mango chutney. Something that is used only on special occasions and usually just as a treat, even then.

Turkoglu- multiberry jam. You like strawberries, you like raspberries, you like blueberries…and you think when you see a jam made of all 3, it would be like the perfect condiment ever. Then you try it and you are left wanting more. Much more. No Hedo during the middle of the 4th, which surprised me considering Jay’s recent comments. Also, at the time, Weems was having a pretty tough time. Still, Hedo continues to impress off the bench although he wasn’t as good tonight as in the past couple. One thing I did notice, though: a lot less talking to other players and fans. Good to see.

Weems – steak sauce. Just makes certain things better. He was having a very dark Sonny day until late in the fourth when he attacked the basket on one big play and, of course, almost snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat by stealing the in-bounds and scooping it to Bosh. Sadly, like his night, the end result just wasn’t a success.

Wright – olives. You want to like them all the time, but sometimes the salty taste makes you want to scrunch your face up.  He and Sonny seemed to have mirror image games tonight, except Antoine really didn’t do anything special to save his butt from the fire. He seemed a step slow tonight and was kept off to the side as a non-factor by the Warriors.

Driving The Bus:  Chris Bosh

Under The Bus:  Jose Calderon

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