Miami-Toronto S&T Complete: Who do we use the TPE on?

Here's a list of players that could be acquired using the traded player exception we just got from Miami in the Bosh deal.

The Raptors have officially announced the S&T. Bryan Colangelo said:

“We all just witnessed an unprecedented moment in professional sports as these three young stars have joined forces in an attempt to completely transform this league. We are certainly sorry to see Chris leave, but we are planning to use these acquired assets to retool our roster and evolve as an organization,” said Raptors President and General Manager Bryan Colangelo.

He also wrote a letter to the fans on an official Raptors letterhead and signed it using a black pen. Discuss it here.

The Raptors get two first-round picks (we get ours back from the O’Neal deal) and we get a trade exception worth Bosh’s salary, which was about $16M. So basically, unless we actually use that trade exception, we lost Bosh for a first-round pick. The winner in all of this is Bosh himself, who now gets to sign a six-year deal since Miami will use his Bird rights. If the Raptors had not partaken in the deal, he would’ve been limited to 5 years. Miami is engineering a similar deal with Cleveland for LeBron James.

This isn’t news by any means as we all saw this coming over the last couple days, the only question was whether we’d get a player in return and that didn’t happen. I suppose whether you believe we should use that TPE to acquire more salary hinges on whether you’re of the ‘rebuild’ or ‘contend’ frame of mind. Assuming Colangelo does decide to use it, it would make sense that it be a starter on a team that’s looking to dump salary. I’ve taken the liberty to go through each NBA team (save a few that have absolutely nothing to offer), and mentioned some of the players that could be available. The criteria to get on the list is to make a high enough salary and not be a total lock on that team for next year. For example, I didn’t put Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard etc. on there. And if I missed a player that should be on the list, please don’t roast my ass in the comment section.

Marvin Williams – $6.7M

Boris Diaw – $9M

Luol Deng – $11.3M

Antawn Jamison $13.3
Mo Williams: $9.3M

Jason Terry: $10.6M
Caron Butler: $10.5M
Matt Carroll: $4.3M

Chauncey Billups: $13.1M
Nene: $11.3M

Richard Hamilton: $12.6M
Tayshaun Prince: $11M

Golden State
Monta Ellis: $11M
Andris Biedrins: $9M

Yao Ming: $17.6M
Kevin Martin: $11.1M

Mike Dunleavy: $10.5M

LA Clippers
Baron Davis: $13M
Chris Kaman: $11M

LA Lakers
Andrew Bynum: $13.8M
Lamar Odom: $8.2M

Michael Redd: $18.3M

Al Jefferson: $13M

New Jersey
Devin Harris: $8.9M

New Orleans
Chris Paul: $14.9M
Emeka Okafor: $11.5M
David West: $8.2M

Nick Collison: $6.75M

Marcin Gortat: $6.32M
Brandon Bass: $4M

Elton Brand: $15.9M
Andrew Iguodala: $12.3M
Andres Nocioni: $6.8M

Jason Richardson: $14.4M
Steve Nash: $10.3M
Leandro Barbosa: $7.1M

Joel Przybilla: $7.4M
Greg Oden: $6.8M

Samuel Dalembert: $12.2M
Beno Udrih: $6.65M

San Antonio:
Tony Parker: $13.5M
Manu Ginobili: $11.8M

Andrei Kirilenko: $17.8M
Mehmet Okur: $9.4M

Gilbert Arenas: $17.7M

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