Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Wizards Dec 1

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The “born to run” edition:

Alabi: milk carton material

Barbosa: loved his first half. I thought he showed a lot of the young Barbosa and really dictated the tempo of the game and his teammates fed off it.

Bargnani: seemed to fall into the background a bit too much for a #1 option, but played within himself. I’m thinking the girlfriend has him performing above par.

Bayless: love this kid. Not flashy, just goes to work and has tried to make his team better every game. Some chucklehead on the Fan suggested he be the starter. Far fetched, but Bayless has at least shown that no way should the Raptors be shopping for a #2 PG

Calderon: as consistent as waves in the ocean.

Davis: impressive cherry-poppin. He was jumping around like Drake at a Nicki Minaj lookalike contest. I can see the excitement he brings but can now appreciate the fear he will break himself in two sometime between now an 2013.

DeRozan: guess he finally paid the barnhand enough money to feed the Young Onez horses since 2/3 of the YG got out there and ran the Wizards off the floor. DeMar played efficiently and just outclassed most.

Dorsey: grunt mans work provided by the guy you’d expect to see manning the door at Le Club Nude.

Evans: 8 weeks. Nuff said.

Johnson: the only dimly lit bulb tonight. Sure, he tweaked his leg early but he jsut was not into this game, something we’ve already seen too often this year considering his fatcat contract.

Kleiza: on your way to work or school tomorrow, do us all a favour and lift each and every rock you pass. Check and see if Linas Kleiza is under one of them. If so, please do not approach him but call the Air Canada Centre for proper removal.

Stojakovic: wearing the finest Serbian leisure wear.

Weems: 2 fouls in the first 6 minutes, but he used that motivation to put on a fireworks show the remaining quarter and a half. Some spectacular leaps and some (rare) concentration on getting his teammates involved. Great stuff.

Wright: At least he lasted 5 minutes..I’m lucky if I can last 2.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Amir Johnson

Game Theme :

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