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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Sixers – Jan 26

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The “When does the season end?” edition:

Ajinca: He reminds me of a bigger Loren Woods with even less coordination.

Alabi: Ajinca is already ahead of him in the rotation. In fact, so are you.

Barbosa: Wondering if that $7.6M option is worth suffering through this for another year.

Bargnani: 10 shots in 37 minutes. Impact on game: zero. You want the ball? Ask for it. If Jose looks you off, take him aside in the huddle and threaten to break his face next time he doesn’t pass it to you on the wing.

Bayless: Played 14 minutes after a near triple-double performance, makes about as much sense as Enter The Void. Had to wait a full five minutes at the bench before being subbed in and didn’t look happy either. Even he was impressed how hard the Raptors are trying to showcase Calderon. Didn’t pick up an assist because he never was in the game, Triano was better off just giving him the night off.

Calderon: 38 minutes chasing Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams, did pick up 13 customary assists but couldn’t keep a lid on anybody. I hope for his sakes we trade him to a good team where he can finally reap the rewards of his skill. He’s being showcased, make no mistake.

Davis: What kind of a rebuilding year is it when your top pick on a 13-33 team plays 17 minutes? Makes. No. Sense.

DeRozan: Is that a jumper? I believe it is. Dunkin’ DeMar was poppin’ tonight, 28 points, 10-10 FTs and 50% shooting. Did Iguodala torch him and D him up at times, of course, but that’s Iggy being Iggy. At least DeMar showed up tonight, that’s more than I can say for anybody else.

Dorsey: He bench-pressed the bed he was conceived on.

Evans: In a recent tweet he spelled ‘tired’ as ‘tiered’. No, that wasn’t a spelling mistake, that’s how he actually thinks it’s spelt.

Amir Johnson: The best interior defender had his handed to him, he tried to make up for it with his offense which wasn’t bad (15 pts, 7-10) but the man-defense was missing and the help was even worse. He’s not entirely to blame for the 56-30 points-in-the-paint drubbing, but how about a hard foul or two to set the tone and send a message to those Philly guards. He’s disappointing me as a potential leader of this team.

Trey Johnson: Short looking guy that makes me miss Sundiata. Signed because Colangelo wants everybody to know just how injury ravaged the team is that he’s resigned to signing D-League product.

Kleiza: Keynote speaker at the “Undeserving players who Bryan Colangelo has blown mid-level exceptions on” conference next month.

Weems: My boy!!! -15 in 14 minutes of play! Didn’t even know it was possible, hit a jumper (I think) and ran one down on the break for a layup prompting Devlin to praise him for taking care of his back. He’s about as much a part of the future as I am a Backstreet Boy.

Wright: They sagged off him and he bit. It’s hard to pass up a shot when the defense is tempting you to take a wiiiiddeee open 8-footer and you got a qualifying offer which doesn’t look like it’s going to be picked up. It’s getting to that part of the season where even team-players like Wright start looking to next season and where they’ll end up.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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