Raptors Roll Call March 11 vs Bucks

A nice sized lead, then a slugfest, then the usual fade in the 4th. Bucks win 105-99 and we slip to 13-28. Bright side: we still have more hopes of getting into the post season than the Leafs.

The “everybody poops” edition:

Barbosa: dippin’ divin’ using the court like it was a wet banana slide. He was one of the Raptors that was teetering on fouling out at the end, but he played this game head strong and involved.

Bargnani: flashes of his confidence coming back early, even getting some kind rolls, but the second half showed the Raptors moving away from him and settling for DeRozan and Bayless. Not sure that’s the way it was drawn up and some words might be exchanged in the locker room right about…….now.

Bayless: i am beginning to think that if Jerryd ever played volleyball, we’d see him excel by playing on his own.  He’d set his own spike if it was allowed. Maybe he’s colour blind and he just doesn’t want to chance sending a pass to the wrong team, but for the love of Ke$ha, please get your teammates more involved.

Davis: he looked as willing to take shots tonight as a minister who mistakenly entered a gay bar at closing time. He cleaned the glass well, pulling down 10 in 21 minutes, but he certainly was a liability offensively.

DeRozan: he bounced back better than Justin Timberlake going from Scarlett to Jessica. After a brutal night last night, DeMar dropped 21 by mixing up his shots and constantly moving throughout the game. Sure, it took him a lot of shots to get there (22) but he missed some wide open looks.

Forbes: the Panamanian Pill reverted back to his nonchalant ways and proved to be as ineffective as store bought make-up remover on Lady Gaga’s face.

Gray: now that little Billy is back on the bench, he was given some token appearance time tonight. The results were a pretty awe inspiring 1 foul and 1 turnover in 3 minutes.  I was more excited when my grandmother gave me a 9volt battery for Christmas.

A. Johnson: another chapter in my love fest with someone I dislike. I still think he has more mood swings than a New York City taxi cab driver, but when he plays like he played tonight I just want to meet him at his place with a pair of slippers, his housecoat, and a cup of warm tea….tell him I love him….massage his temples….

J. Johnson: can’t really hate on James tonight, either. He was head and shoulders above most on the defensive end of the ball and he busted his ass in the 26 minutes he saw the floor. Again, we gave the game away down the stretch, but this style of play from JJ is splendid.

Kleiza: the silent assassin even seemed to break out of his shell a bit. You would think that Bayless and Linas would feed off each other, but it doesn’t seem to happen. Linas finds himself open and being ignored, which won’t sit well with a guy that looks like he would deck your mother for not chilling his juice.

Driving the bus: Amir Johnson

Under the bus: Gary Forbes

Theme of the Game: