Raptors Roll Call April 6 vs Cavaliers

The “NBADL All Star game” edition:

Anderson: I guess those two caterpillars he has as eyebrows slowed his progress down a bit. Held to blanks from the field, a mere 4 rebounds and a bounce back to reality.

Bargnani: his first quarter was hotter than The Hunger Games. The rest of his game was as luke warm as a Dance Pak routine. He poor defence needed to be offset with an amazing offensive game tonight and it just didn’t happen.

Davis: not sure what those who praised his game tonight saw, but I saw another lazy ass effort from a guy that should be fighting for his NBA career. If he does get moved next season, he’ll be a deep bench option, certainly not given the opportunity he has here. 18 minutes against a weak team and rather than dominate, he simply played an average game.

DeRozan: great 3rd quarter, good game. The typical “he had passion” game for DeMar where he was attacking on both sides of the ball, got to the line 8 times, and tried his best to keep his insanely injured team together.

Dentmon: I am pretty sure my neighbour’s 12 year old is bigger than this guy. Can’t hate on him, though. Been in town 8 hours and he is on the floor running the show thanks to Jose looking like he was caught by his girlfriend cheating on her with a transgendered beauty pageant contestant.

Gray: speaking of typical, it was just that for Aaron. 7 boards, hustle, hard screens. What seemed untypical was the ticky tack fouls and how he was, at times, mentally removed from the game.

A. Johnson: active hands, but not much else. Stuck in mud, appearing not to care, a shell of himself. If he was to make KoolAid tonight, he’d mess it up.

Kleiza: look here…another LK technical foul!! Everybody take a shot!  That circus shot 3 he made early on had me pumped for what was to come, but outside of a great night on the boards (8 rebounds) he didn’t do much else of anything. He kept shooting, but like Arsenalist trying to get the attention of the cute waitress at Hemingway’s, he kept missing.

Uzoh: thank heavens for Ben, huh?  Now a starter in the NBA (well, Canada’s NBA) he had a strong showing of 4/8, 3 assists, 6 rebounds. He actually looked more comfortable out there than most of the players have all season (holla Amir, James, Jamaal). Sure to get a summer league pickup with someone, he may be playing himself into a back up role contract next season.

Driving the bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under the bus: Alan Anderson

Theme of the Game:

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