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An Informal Raptors Republic Commenting Policy

Stating the unspoken.

Ask yourself — why are you reading this?

I know why I’m here. I love Raptors Republic. This website is hallowed ground for long-time fanatics, newly christened enthusiasts, and everything in-between. I’ve been on both sides — I was the lurking reader and now I’m the humbled scribe. In my mind, this blog is the premier site for all-things Raptors related, from analysis, to reaction and most importantly, discussion.

Discussion is the structural I-beam of sports entertainment. We love watching the athletes compete, we enjoy the chessmatch between coaches, we soak in the commentary and we read the analysis (hopefully), but more than anything else, we want to react. We want to go the bar and shoot the shit about Ross’ potential and speculate on Ujiri’s schemes. We want to leave scathing critiques of Demar’s midrange game. We want to scribble prose poems about Lowry’s scowl. That’s why discussion exists — our passion supplies opinions, and our narcissistic self-importance demands attention. Believe me, as a blogger, we’re the nadir of this dynamic.

We’re all in the same boat — whenever we drop a line in the comments, we lead with a self-importance that lends credence to our words. We react because we feel a right to react. We speak because we should be heard. This site is like a democracy — everyone gets a vote because our opinions are equally valid.

In my mind — and in the minds of the editors — the comment section is a host of discussion. When we give our thoughts on an issue, we try our best to support our stance, we aim to inform, we manicure our presentation, and most importantly, we set the table for discussion. If you agreed with our points, I’m glad to know we’re on the same page. If not, drop us a line and tell us where we went wrong. Your input is encouraged, because after all, you took the time to digest what we had to say, so it’s only fair that do the same. This goes for everyone here. You lend us your ears, we loan you ours.

However, this is all predicated on decorum and respect. We’re not asking you to adhere to the rules of Victorian ladies’ tea — Big Brother might have censored our profanities, but if you want to lash out at Amir for chucking three-pointers, feel free to color with all the crayons in your box. We understand that you feel strongly about the Raptors. We know that you’ve spent your hard-earned money and invested your precious time on this accursed franchise. That’s why you’re here! We just ask that you respect us writers (especially Blake, he’s a delicate flower) and your fellow commentors. The fabric of discussion is woven with two things — opinions, and respect — be careful not to tear it. Don’t ruin it for everybody else.

There’s been a spate of spiteful comments of late. I’m not here to point fingers but you know who you are. The comment sections are infested with trolling, name-calling and at times, personal threats. The pervasive atmosphere is not one of respect — rather, it’s one laced with bitterness and sarcasm, and it needs to stop.

It needs to stop because it’s threatening to destroy a core piece of what makes this forum so great — the discussions. Trolling and personal attacks not only makes discussions worthless, it also drives away potential participants. We give you respect and read what you have to say, it’s on you to not abuse that respect. It’s on you to cut out the petty shit. It’s on you to avoid attacking other commentors. It’s on you to make this place what it could be.

We’re not interested in creating an actual commenting policy, because quite frankly, the idea of having to police you guys is a bit silly. Just talk ball and leave the insults in the holster.

As a general rule of thumb, please heed the wise words of forum moderator MangoKid:

Treat this place like you’re at bar with your buddies and shooting the shit. You’re not always gonna agree with each other, but you have one common goal – a passion for the Raptors. Each person has an idea of how to better them. No one is right, yet no one is wrong, but at the end of the day, you don’t take anything to heart and you move forward.

Thank you for your co-operation,

Sincerely, your RR staff

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