Raptors Weekly Podcast, March 10 – Playoff Positioning, Herbert Hammers

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People keep talking playoffs like they know what’s up. This week on the pod I bring in two playoff veterans (in internet terms) who have seen it all and done it all (again, in internet terms). First up is Kyle Weldie of Truth About It which is the ESPN TrueHoop site for the Wizards. We ask Kyle who the Wizards would like to face and avoid in the playoffs and I guarantee you that his answer for who he’s like to face will surprise you.

We talk some about John Wall and DeMar DeRozan’s soon-to-be maiden playoff appearance, matchups and all that good stuff not related to tanking and also some Andray Blatche. And yeah, I ask him what he thinks of tanking and he feels he’s seen enough.

After that it’s James Herbert who reveals the scars left by Bryan Colangelo (they’re deep purple), gives his thoughts on what’s up with the Knicks and wonders what I think of Jonas Valanciunas’ playing time being slashed like a walker in The Walking Dead.

We assess the likelihood of anyone landing Eric Bledsoe, just what is wrong in New York, why Phil Jackson is even answering the phone, talk about the Rockets and Hawks in subsequent sentences and after all is said and done I key his car on the way out of the parking lot.  Somewhere in there there’s Dwane Casey, James Dolan, Herbert’s childhood and a whole lot more.

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