Playoff Update: Raptors In Line to Face Milwaukee; Possibly Brooklyn or Boston

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After the Raptors win in Charlotte, combined with Chicago’s surprising loss to Orlando (Derrick Rose returned), the Raptors and Bulls are now tied in terms of record at 46-32.  The Raptors, despite being swept by Chicago 4-0 this season,  hold the tie-breaker on account of winning the Atlantic division.  This means that they’re the third seed and in line to face Milwaukee.

Here are the current East standings:


Here are the Raptors and Bulls remaining games:

Toronto Chicago
toronto chicago


There is also an outside chance that the Raptors, if they hold steady in the the third spot could face the Celtics or the Nets, if either team makes up the two-game difference over Milwaukee.  The Bucks hold the tie-breaker over Boston, but not over Brooklyn.  So, let’s look at those threes remaining schedules:






In this picture, the key matchups include Brooklyn at Milwaukee, Toronto at Boston, and Boston at Milwaukee. The Wizards also have the chance to move as high as the third seed, but have a tougher schedule with three road games and one home (Atlanta).


So, who will the Raptors face? Beats me.

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