AUDIO: Masai Ujiri on Woj’s The Vertical podcast

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Running. Through the 6ix. With my Woj.

NBA mega-reporter Adrian Wojnarowski recently launched a new project at Yahoo Sports called The Vertical, which includes a podcast that is already establishing itself as one of the most must-listen insider podcasts going for basketball fans. His latest guest is Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri, so it’s worth a listen even more than usual.

You can check out the audio here.

Of course, Ujiri is Ujiri, so you’re not going to get much in the way of specifics or newsy items. He talks a lot about the process of trading Carmelo Anthony when he was in Denver, why he left Denver for Toronto (a segment that makes the Raptors’ organization come off really good and should be pretty encouraging for fans), his work with Giants of Africa, the NBA All-Star Weekend, and more. Not surprisingly, Ujiri comes off intelligent, genuine, and likable, and you’ll probably walk away comfortable with the hands the franchise is in.

It’s definitely worth a listen, even if you won’t walk away knowing any special secret details.

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