Raptors Republic Summer Slam 2016 – Pics and Highlights

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The Sinewy Mutts defeated the Six Shooters in the Finals in our fourth annual tournament. Sixteen teams participated (and I have pics of 15 of them, no idea what happened to the 16th). You can check out some highlights from the finals below as well.

Thanks again to everyone for participating and Pizza Pizza for being a Jersey sponsor. Thanks also to Gatorade for providing refreshments for everyone through the day. We’ll host another one soon enough!

Team List:

  • The Oak
  • The Hustlerz
  • Raptors 705
  • Mag 7
  • Brick Brigade
  • TRAP’D Since 95
  • Onions Baby Onions
  • The Sinewy Mutts
  • D1N
  • TSN 1050
  • Ballin’ Hurts My Knees
  • Raptors Real Talk
  • Raptors HQ
  • It’s a(51) 9 now
  • theScore
  • bismackwiththebigsmack!


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