Raptors end camp early, no-show preseason finale – Preseason Grades

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Raptors 82, Wizards 119 | Box Score | Quick Reaction | Reaction Podcast

Last night’s game was pretty a terrible, an unfit way to wrap up a much-too-long preseason. Rather than rehash the details yet again, I’ll refer you to the quick reaction and the reaction podcast. If you need more than those two pieces and the box score to ruin your Saturday morning, I recommend just watching Black Mirror, instead.

So rather than a proper recap that would amount to “Washington got an endless buffet of open shots, hit most of them, only Lucas Nogueira really played well, and then he got hurt,” I’ve compiled all of the preseason grades to get a snapshot of how each individual performed this month. It’s worth keeping in mind that the seven Quick Reactions were spread across three people (five for myself, one each for Anthony and Cam), so the grading scale may not be entirely consistent, but this should give you an idea.

Please feel free to leave your own “Preseason Grade” for each player in the comments.

(And sorry for using images – WordPress was NOT having code for tables this wide this morning.)

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