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Kyle Lowry announces return to Toronto; reportedly for 3 years, $100M

He’s back!


That’s how Kyle Lowry explained his decision to return to the Toronto Raptors in a Players’ Tribune article posted Sunday afternoon. Lowry explained further:

When I had to make my free-agency decision, there was a lot going through my head, a lot of roads my mind was traveling down. Family, first and foremost, and what’s going to make them happy, and give them the best life. Basketball, of course, and where I’d like to play for these next several years. And then there was also the gut-check aspect — just what I was feeling in my heart.

But for me, at the end of the day, this was an easy decision. And all of those roads … they all led me back to the same place: home.

They all led me back to Toronto.

Take a look here.

The kicker? His conclusion:

And if you start something?

Man, you finish it.

The deal is reportedly for three years and $100 million, as first reported by Michael Scotto. There are incentives that could push it higher, but for now, that’s close enough to his max for Lowry to feel well respected and a short enough term for the Raptors to feel comfortable with the deal.

Head here for analysis on the deal.

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