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Free Agency

July 3 free agency open thread

Should be a quieter day.

Kyle Lowry is returning on a 3-year, $100-million deal – reaction

Serge Ibaka re-signs on 3-year, $65-million deal – reaction

P.J. Tucker signs with Houston on 4-year, $32-million deal – reaction

Most of the frenzy for the Toronto Raptors is complete. Today might be a quiet day. They lost P.J. Tucker, they re-signed Kyle Lowry and Serge Ibaka, and they haven’t been attached to Patrick Patterson yet at all. We know they’d like to shed salary, and that Cory Joseph, DeMarre Carroll, and Jonas Valanciunas would be the candidates. We can guess that if they did so, they may then make a move to fill out the roster. In all likelihood, they’ll be in a bit of a holding pattern now that the big work is done and they need to accomplish the unenviable task of unloading money.

Still, we’ll update with anything that comes in throughout the day.

Resources & Required Reading

If you haven’t yet, go and read my free agency primer, which goes into a lot of the details about the Raptors’ cap situations and what they can and can’t do. Some other links:

As a quick refresher, this is what the Raptors’ cap sheet looks at right this second, based on the assumption that Ibaka’s deal is completely back-loaded and that Lowry’s deal contains $100 million in back-loaded cap hit:

If Lowry’s cap number only comes in at $90 million over three years and is completely back-loaded, his cap hit for this year could drop by about $3.09 million, which would be a pretty enormous deal. They’d still need to dump salary, but they’d be within one big contract of getting under the tax line.

(Notes: I’m displaying this just a little different from yesterday. I’m also excluding De Colo/Thompson from the tax number since their cap holds won’t count but do effect the salary cap. VanVleet has a higher tax number than cap number, too [equal to Powell’s].)

To help calibrate with the new CBA and rise in cap, here’s a chart containing all of the maximums and exception amounts, based on the new $99,093,000-million salary cap (note that for the minimum salaries, those deals can run longer if cap space is used, but they max out at two years if a team is using the minimum player salary exception):

Here are a few other very useful resources:

Raptors rumors

A reminder: There is a ton of information to sort through this time of year. Some of it will be legitimate, some of it will be misinformation. Always consider the source, their track record, and why a player/agent/team may want information out in the world.


  • 8pm: Indiana signed Darren Collison, so while they still have ample cap space to potentially absorb a contract, they no longer seem to be a fit for Joseph.
  • 6pm: I assure you, I’m still alive, and nothing has happened. There are rumblings about other teams, with the only one even remotely related to the Raptors being that a whole load of teams are trying to move salary, meaning the handful of teams with the space and the stomach for it have a great deal of leverage in asking for the moon. A source indicated that the asking price to take on any of the three Raptors in a trade is still too high (or the return too low), something Josh Lewenberg of TSN corroborated. It seems like that aspect of the offseason may need another day or two to breathe (with the fall out from guys like Gordon Hayward and Danilo Gallinari having an effect). It may even need to wait until after the moratorium ends, when some teams are forced into revealing their hand in terms of deal sequencing and the RFA market should get moving.
  •  1:15pm: No, I haven’t abandoned you. There’s just nothing going on, other than the Cavs failing to match ESPN on a contract for Chauncey Billups and some FOX Sports shenanigans. It’s nice out, go enjoy the holiday. I’ll have you covered when you come back.

Where things stand – End of Sunday

  • Kyle Lowry is back on a three-year deal worth a reported $100 million. Bruce Arthur reports that only $90 million of that is guaranteed, but we’ll have to wait to see the contract breakdown before adjusting his cap number, in case the non-guaranteed portion is built into likely bonuses.
  • Serge Ibaka is also back, on a three-year, $65-million deal.
  • P.J. Tucker has signed with the Rockets. It hurts.
  • All quiet on the Patrick Patterson front, though he met with Sacramento.
  • The Raptors were once in on Amir Johnson but he signed in Philly.
  • Toronto is trying to shed salary to lessen their tax hit and improve flexibility. There’s nothing imminent there.

Reported agreements/close – Monday

The following deals have either been reported as done or in the finalization stages. Until noon on July 6, nothing is absolutely locked in (remember DeAndre Jordan?), but if it’s on this list, it’s done per a reporter on the trusted list.

  • Kevin Durant, Warriors, 2 years, $53M (Marcus Thompson)
  • Darren Collison, Pacers, 2 years, $20M (Adrian Wojnarowski)

Reported agreements/close – Saturday

The following deals have either been reported as done or in the finalization stages. Until noon on July 6, nothing is absolutely locked in (remember DeAndre Jordan?), but if it’s on this list, it’s done per a reporter on the trusted list.

  • Steph Curry, Warriors, 5 years, $201M (Shams Charania)
  • Blake Griffin, Clippers, 5 years, $175M (Sam Amick)
  • Jrue Holiday, Pelicans, 5 years, $126M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Kyle Lowry, Raptors, 3 years, $100M (Michael Scotto)
  • Paul Millsap, Nuggets, 3 years, $90M (Shams Charania)
  • Serge Ibaka, Raptors, 3 years, $65M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Jeff Teague, Timberwolves, 3 years, $57M (Marc Stein)
  • Joe Ingles, Jazz, 4 years, $52M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Patty Mills, Spurs, 4 years, $50M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Andre Iguodala, Warriors, 3 years, $48M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Tony Snell, Bucks, 4 years, $46M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Cristiano Felicio, Bulls, 4 years, $32M (Shams Charania)
  • PJ Tucker, Rockets, 4 years, $32M (Shams Charania)
  • Taj Gibson, Timberwolves, 2 years, $28M (Shams Charania)
  • Shaun Livingston, Warriors, 3 years, $24M (Chris Haynes)
  • JJ Redick, 76ers, 1 year, $23M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Kyle Korver, Cavaliers, 3 years, $22M (Shams Charania)
  • Langston Galloway, Pistons, 3 years, $21M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Amir Johnson, 76ers, 1 year, $11M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Nene, Rockets, 3 years, $11M (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Ben McLemore, Grizzlies, 2 years, $10.7M (Chris Haynes)
  • Justin Holiday, Bulls, 2 years, $9M (Shams Charania)
  • Jodie Meeks, Wizards, 2 years, $7M (Shams Charania)
  • Michael Carter-Williams, Hornets, 1 year, $2.7M (Rick Bonnell)
  • Wayne Selden, Grizzlies, 2 years, TBD (Michael Scotto)
  • Daniel Theis, Celtics, 2 years, TBD (Adrian Wojnarowski)
  • Jose Calderon, Cavaliers, 1 year, $2.3M (Jeff Zilgitt)
  • David West, Warriors, 1 year, $2.3M (David Aldridge)
  • Ron Baker, Knicks, TBD, TBD (Ron Baker on Twitter)


  • The Pacers are trading Paul George to the Thunder for Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. Seriously. (Ramona Shelburne first)
  • The Wolves are trading Ricky Rubio to Utah for a first-round pick. (A whole mess of people at once)

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