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Hello! Jack Armstrong has added hats to his t-shirt line

One of the most affable figures around the Toronto Raptors franchise is extending his t-shirt line to include hats for the winter months, just in time to stuff stockings.

Raptors analyst and colour commentator Jack Armstrong has teamed up with Entripy to release a number of hats bearing Armstrong’s “Hello!” catch phrase, supplementing earlier t-shirt releases. The translation of Armstrong’s energy from the broadcast booth to the hats and shits is seamless, and at $15-25 a pop, they present an affordable way to diversify your Raptors wardrobe.

One of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, Armstrong initially seemed taken aback that people loved his catch phrases so much, let alone were willing to wear them. “I hope that folks enjoy them,” he said when the t-shirts first dropped in April. “I’m honoured that people would have the enthusiasm to wear them.”

You can find the hats here.

Jack also did a Reddit AMA yesterday.

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