VIDEO: Raptors post-game comments about officiating

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We normally don’t put post-game scrum videos up, but obviously today, the officiating was a huge talking point. I figured it was worth posting the scrums in this case. DeMar DeRozan is the only one who didn’t take care to avoid a fine, as he was fuming. Dwane Casey danced around a fine but made it clear something needs to be done. Kyle Lowry had both of their backs, he just didn’t say much in general.

Here’s DeRozan in case you don’t want to watch the whole clip:

It was obvious. You’ve seen it from all of us, the frustration, what it came down to. It was obvious, especially at the end of the game…He smacked the shit out of me. He smacked me. He tried to smack me because I had a layup. Period. I got fouled…They need to do something. It’s not just us. It’s every game. But tonight, come on man, that can’t happen.

Did it cost them the game?

What did you think? You think so? It’s obvious for us.

Are the Raptors getting treated fairly?

No, we’re used to going against the odds every step of the way. It’s been like that. We fight through it, but as soon as we say something, we’re the bad guys, we get fined, we get criticized. Every single night when we play we fight against all the odds. We still prevail, but we’ve all got a breaking point and it’s frustrating. You seen it tonight.

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