Fan Duel Toronto Raptors

Join Talking Raptors for Game 2

Do it!

Well, here we are. Tuesday night’s game will go down as one of the most painful in Raptors history. But as we’ve mentioned many times on the podcast, 2018 is all about positivity. So for game two we’d like you to join us for a gathering of hope, laughs and beer.

Nick and Barry will be recording a live episode of Talking Raptors while taking in Game 2 at Wenona Lodge on Bloor. There will be pre-game thoughts, post-game thoughts and $5 Steam Whistle Beers. A third mic will also be provided for anyone in attendance who’d like to share some opinions on the series.Things will get underway at 5pm. Admission is $10 and that includes a pint of Steam Whistle.

We’ve been waiting all year for this series. Let’s come together and stay positive for our beloved team. Or at the very least, drink until we don’t have feelings. Advanced tickets can be purchased at
this link.

The good news is, no matter the outcome everyone can check out the Comedy Records/Exclaim! Showcase hosted by Nick Reynoldson following the game.