Weekend Open Thread

Because why would the NBA news cycle sleep for even a minute?

It’s been quite a week, and next week promises to be fairly eventful with the NBA Draft, too. It’s not long after that when Canada will be continuing in FIBA qualifiers and free agency will open. We’re truly through a temporary lull and into the meaty part of the offseason, complete with wild Kawhi Leonard trade speculation. The Raptors, by the way, are +2000 to land Leonard, which is a multi-team tie for ninth-most likely. It ain’t nothing, though it depends on the Spurs having some specific preferences in a trade, and maybe a third team.Speculate away!

Here’s a fresh thread to discuss all of these things over the courts of the weekend.

And here’s what you may have missed during the week:

Nick Nurse

The Draft

Other News


Enjoy your weekend, everyone.

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