Quick Reaction: 76ers 90, Raptors 92 (Won series 4-3)

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PHI 76ers 90 Final
Box Score
92 TOR Raptors

P. Siakam38 MIN, 11 PTS, 11 REB, 2 AST, 2 STL, 4-11 FG, 0-2 3FG, 3-4 FT, 0 BLK, 1 TO, -6 +/-

It wasn’t his greatest performance, but Siakam was a focal part of one of the most important moments of the game. His ability to hop over Embiid’s screen and trap Harris which ultimately led to Lowry’s steal, and then finishing on the run exemplified Siakam’s incredible season.

K. Leonard43 MIN, 41 PTS, 8 REB, 3 AST, 3 STL, 16-39 FG, 2-9 3FG, 7-8 FT, 0 BLK, 4 TO, -2 +/-

Holy fudge. I don’t know what to say. There are no words. We are witnessing greatness unfold before our eyes. God bless Kawhi Leonard.

M. Gasol45 MIN, 7 PTS, 11 REB, 0 AST, 0 STL, 3-8 FG, 1-4 3FG, 0-0 FT, 3 BLK, 0 TO, -10 +/-

An incredible defensive display on Embiid while logging a game-high 45 minutes. Gasol again turned down his open shots but bagged them when it mattered in the second half. Embiid was relentless and Gasol’s defensive tenacity was invaluable to the victory.

K. Lowry39 MIN, 10 PTS, 6 REB, 6 AST, 2 STL, 4-13 FG, 1-7 3FG, 1-1 FT, 0 BLK, 2 TO, 2 +/-

Death, taxes, and Kyle Lowry making hustle plays. This performance was Lowry in his purest form – snagging offensive boards, knocking balls away, drawing charges, and simply making winning plays. His heart in the third quarter kept the Raptors within touching distance after Philly’s onslaught.

D. Green30 MIN, 2 PTS, 4 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL, 1-3 FG, 0-1 3FG, 0-0 FT, 1 BLK, 0 TO, -6 +/-

It wasn’t DG’s game, nor his series. If he isn’t knocking down triples then it is hard to keep on the court. Even more worrisome was his lackluster on-ball defence against a defiant Jimmy Butler. Let’s hope his shooting touch reemerges quick!

S. Ibaka29 MIN, 17 PTS, 8 REB, 3 AST, 0 STL, 6-10 FG, 3-5 3FG, 2-2 FT, 0 BLK, 2 TO, 22 +/-

The much-needed gamebreaker off of the bench. Ibaka’s rebounding and outside shooting was magnificent. He single handedly outscored Philly’s bench and held Ben Simmons in check.

F. VanVleet15 MIN, 4 PTS, 1 REB, 0 AST, 2 STL, 0-5 FG, 0-2 3FG, 4-4 FT, 0 BLK, 1 TO, 10 +/-

I, and many others, have been rightfully critical of Van Vleet. Today he hit zero shots, but it was his greatest game of the series. Not a high bar to overcome yet his defensive instincts was critical in a slugfest of a game.

Nick Nurse

Nurse emptied the chamber in the do-or-die situation. Tethering Gasol with Embiid for every second was perfect and having the cojonies to yank Green and roll with Ibaka was smart. Let’s hope

Things We Saw

  1. History has been made: That was the greatest moment in Toronto Raptors history. Period. Leonard was imperfect for much of this game and STILL managed to score 41 points and hit one of the hardest game winners I can remember. Let this all sink in.
  2. All heart: This game was exactly what you’d expect of a game 7 – a slow, ugly, physical battle for 48 minutes. Every Raptor made intangible winning plays at various moments across the game. This win extended beyond their performance on the court: this was a team that rallied around eachother facing the brink of elimination. Pure heart.
  3. Worn down or battle-tested: Once the adrenaline wears off an even greater opponent is awaiting Toronto. Milwaukee have rampaged their way to the Eastern conference finals while the Raptors have scrapped through two physically and mentally taxing series. Will these games wear on Toronto’s energy or have they found their playoff mojo? We will find out soon enough.

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