The Interview: Dave Rice, Khem Birch’s College Coach

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To former UNLV Head Coach Dave Rice, Khem Birch is All-Defence, All-Motor and All-Loyalty. Coach Rice outlines why he was confident taking Birch into the fold after an ugly exit with his first college team.

Despite Birch admittedly being a shy person, Coach Rice beams about Birch’s explosion in his leadership between his sophomore and junior seasons, not to mention his explosion in the stat sheet. Plus we go into the locker-room after UNLV was upset in Birch’s lone NCAA tournament appearance.

Despite going undrafted in 2014, Rice details why he knew then that Birch was going to have a “long and illustrious” career. Part of that is Khem’s perseverant, team-first attitude. Another is his burning motivation to prove his ever-growing list of doubters wrong. Coach Rice is proud of every player he’s helped make the NBA, but find out why, to him, no one is any more special than Khem Birch.