The Lineup – Raptors vs Cavaliers, November 5

How the Raptors kept their winning streak alive while Scottie Barnes was out is beyond me. But, they found a way. This team is starting to show shades of the togetherness that was on display from the 2018-2020 squads.

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If you haven’t already, Adon covered the gameday preview.

Before every game, we’ll be going through what the oddsmakers think and what I think about where you should put your money for the night. I’ll also lay out a couple of factors that I think will determine the game. Join me on the Lineup!

This is light for Toronto. I really think this game is going to be a blowout based on the numbers. The Cavs are great at sharing the ball but the Raps average more steals than any other team. The Cavs also allow their opponents to grab 12 offensive boards a game and Toronto tallies almost 14.

My record so far (finally went 3-0!!):

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The Lineup for today:

Tonight’s picks:

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