Westside Stories: The Raptors 905 Podcast – Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

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Kelsea O’Brien and Duane Notice host the world’s first ever Raptors 905 fan podcast on the heels of the 905 sweeping the Westchester Knicks. Topics include:

  • Why start this podcast
  • The G-League season setup and the back-to-back format
  • Thoughts on first two games against the Knicks, and getting up for the same opponent twice
  • Andrew Rowsey, Jawun Evans, Obadiah Noel, David Johnson, Isaac Bonga analysis
  • The idea of guys being committed to being “a star in their own role”
  • How Bonga fits into the “open offence” philosophy of the Raptors 905
  • Impact of assignments coming from the Raptors to the Raptors 905
  • Bonga and Banton’s approach to 905 assignments and how it’s critical to their success
  • The constantly moving rosters in the G-League and how it impacts flow of 905 players
  • The correlation between positives vibes on the team and winning (a Steve Nash story)
  • Different types of leadership and how they manifest themselves (Malachi Flynn and Pascal Siakam example)
  • Guys at younger ages being more skilled than players from previous generations at the same age

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Produced by Zarar Siddiqi / Raptors Republic.

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