The Lineup – Raptors vs Bucks, December 2

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Before every game, we’ll be going through what the oddsmakers think and what I think about where you should put your money for the night. I’ll also lay out a couple of factors that I think will determine the game. Join me on the Lineup!

Third L in a row for Toronto on Wednesday. Memphis killed them in the paint and on the glass so that’s the way she went. Tonight is a tougher opponent… one who has been on an absolute tear, winning their last eight games by an average margin of 13 points. Oh and they’re also (cue Paul Heyman voice) the reigning, defending NBA champions of the world (now back to my regular voice), the Milwaukee Bucks.

By the way, let’s make #GiannisAnTorontokounmpo a thing.

Last games picks:

Via: insta/@tansley24

The Lineup today:

Picks for tonight’s game:

Via: insta/@tansley24

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