Buckets & Tea Show Hosted By Cathryn Naiker

Today Buckets & Tea NBA show is launching on the Raptors Republic with host Cathryn Naiker.

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Today Buckets & Tea NBA show is launching on Raptors Republic. Host Cathryn Naiker each week featuring a special guest will talk a bit about the NBA, then dive into her Raptors homer moment segment and then capping things off with her signature “Hot Girl Summer Nick Nurse Highlight of the week,” don’t worry, she explains.

This week’s episode is special guest comedian Freddie Rivas. They talk about the Portland Trailblazers, firing Neil Olshley, and who they should trade. Then they talk about the Chicago Bulls and former Raptors Demar DeRozen exceeding expectations, should he make the all-star team this year? After OKC’s embarrassing loss to the Memphis Grizzlies, we rant about Sam Presti and how we dislike their tanking plans. Then in our Raptors homer moment, we talk about Scottie Barns’s love for Pascal Siakam, what would Freddie say if he got to meet Pascal at a 905 game? Fred Van Vleets all-star case, should the fans rally around him this year? Finally, in our Hot Girl Summer Nick Nurse HIghlight of the week, we talk about Russell Peters hanging around the team and Cathryn speculates if they might now be friends.

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