Looking For Inspiration – Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast – S9E242

It's time for our veteran presences to step up.

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A tough start to the series for the Raptors, but we’ve seen them here before. This week we try to figure out what needs to happen.

RAPTORS: They’re down 0-2, and now we head to game three. How do they impose themselves on the Sixers and turn this series around? A week ago, the pressure was on Morey, Doc, and James Harden. Has the pressure shifted over to the Raptors now?

NBA: Some of these other playoff teams are struggling too. What kind of inspirational speech could turn their own series around? (Cue the inspirational music). What player, team, coach or franchise is going to have a “quiet the haters” style playoff run?

Special guests this week are Antony Hall and Kyle Brickman!

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