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Caffeine & Conference Finals – Buckets & Tea NBA Show

Ryan Henry and Kris Myers join Cathryn Naiker to discuss the Conference Finals and predict who takes home the Larry O'B

On this week’s edition of Buckets & Tea, host Cathryn Naiker is joined by Below the Hardwood’s Ryan Henry and friend of the show Kris Myers to discuss both the Eastern and Western Conference Finals.

  • We recap Heat-Celtics Game 7: Miami’s inconsistent offence, what they might have to do for next season, and look back at Kyle’s first season with the Heat. We also try to clear up some confusion around Jayson Tatum’s Kobe armband.
  • Then, avid Mavericks fan Ryan gives his thoughts on their WCF loss to the Warriors. We dive into the conspiracies behind Ceilingate, Theo Pinson’s white t-shirt, and fines being a team decision. We also celebrate the Warriors making it back to the Finals and ponder whether this is one of the greatest comeback stories in sports history.
  • Finally we make our picks for who we think will win it all!

In our Raptors Homer Moment, we celebrate Pascal Siakam’s All-NBA Team appearance and muse about how much Toronto will improve in 2022-23.

Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, we talk about Nick returning to our TV screens on The Herd with Colin Cowherd.

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