Offensive Wrinkle: Scottie Barnes & the Keeper Play

Samson Folk breaks down how Scottie Barnes makes teams pay with the "Keeper DHO".

Two-man actions rule the NBA. We pay very close attention to the intricate works that some coaches draw up - maybe a wide-open layup comes out of some of them - but when you get down to brass tacks, actions are decided 2 v 2, and the other 3 players on both sides come into play in the latter half. You want to win that 2-man game first.

The And-1 that never was. On a keeper.

The pick n' roll is the ultimate 2-man game, of course, but the DHO is a classic among classics. We've seen this kind of interchange in more sports than basketball as well. Read-option offenses in the NFL hinge upon placing decision makers in positions where they observe and decide based on defensive response. The advantage gained is typically in fractions of seconds, but that's all a player needs. When it comes to Scottie Barnes, the 'keeper' DHO is a perfect way to leverage his court vision and at-rim finishing against defenses.

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