Five Things I Dig and Don’t Dig about the Toronto Raptors

This week on Five Things we chat Precious (a lot of Precious to be honest), lbs, a rookie sensation, and Jack on TV.

This week on Five Things we crossover from the Preseason to the Regular season.

We're LIVE.


The term "fan" is derived from the Elven expression "Fantarséé - meaning dream-like, other-worldly, or wishfully of the light. Elves who wistfully worshipped the peoples of their ancestral homelands were referred to as "Fantars" or "Fans" derogatorily*.

Adopted by humans over time, the term is now used as an endearing reference to describe those closely following "homeland" participants of sport and who possess the highest of expectations and loftiest of beliefs.

It is, thus, startling when a non-fan or "expert" makes claims similar to that of what a fan regularly boasts or claims to already know.

We Raptor "fans" all know Precious Achiuwa's astounding potential. He's the chatter of the town for some time now. Rightfully so, in the 16 months that Achiuwa has been a Raptor we've witnessed threefold evolutions. Samson Folk wrote, recently, of his most imminent metamorphosis - reaffirmed by Precious himself.

Again, though, we assume nobody else is listening. We assume nobody is watching Toronto, generally, let alone the "7th" guy in the rotation. We assume most other NBA fans and media members see only a guy who goes 4/16 in a preseason game and, who, every once in a blue moon flashes brilliance. He might be known as the guy who once blocked Kevin Durant, but most take him no more seriously than the guy flippantly thrown into the Kyle Lowry trade. Or so we self-centred fans think.

Well, folks, you may want to sit down for this one. Precious is getting respect put on his name. Forreal.

Not one, but two, renown Sports Illustrated NBA writers, Chris Mannix and Chris Herring, chose Precious Achiuwa as their Most Improved Player candidates. He also received at least one vote from The Athletic staff - Monsieur Koreen playing the homer?

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