The Interview: Duane Notice, Raptors 905 Alum & Analyst

It's been 2.5 years since his last game. For Duane, the road to recovery is more mental than physical

Host Andrew Damelin is joined by former Raptors 905 guard and current Raptors 905 radio analyst Duane Notice. Topics:

  • Duane’s physical and mental journey from the devastating injury he suffered 2.5 years ago, from which he is still recovering.
  • what it’s like to have your role drastically change on a game-to-game basis, and how he came to embrace “starring in his role.”
  • How Justin Anderson kept Duane positive when his minutes were fluctuating with the 905
  • how a coach gains the trust of a new team
  • how often a coach can lose it on his team before losing the room
  • analysis of the 905 two-ways, Jeff Dowtin Jr. and Ron Harper Jr., and NBA vet Reggie Perry

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