Win and You’re In – Confederacy of Dunks

On this episode, good and bad play-in match-ups, integrating Precious into the lineup, players in need of a fancy celebration and teams with the best five-year window.

Season 10, Episode 283

Joining us this week, from the hit YouTube channel Christian & Nat is comedian Christian Smith, and from the prolific Raptors podcast Dishes & Dimes, Imman Adan!

Topics this week:

(0:00) – Fun intro and a more fun Kyle Lowry story!

(8:03) – The Play-in. Which match-ups are best for the Raps? Which could be the worst?

(21:20) – The return of Precious. What is the best way to integrate him into the lineup?

(34:05) – Which player needs a fancy celebration and what would that celebration be?

(43:46) – Which team in the NBA has the best five-year window?

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