2024 NBA Draft: Zach Edey

Canadian Zach Edey put up some historic numbers at Purdue. Will his unique size make up for his deficiencies in the NBA?

Today we're looking at the Canadian big man from Purdue. Despite putting up some historic numbers in college, there are some valid concerns when it comes to Edey's game in an NBA setting.

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Zach Edey | 7'5 Big | Purdue | 22 years old

Stats provided from tankathon.com

The Intro

The guy would have gone first overall if this draft took place 20 years ago.

A Canadian, Edey's naturally been a popular name in Raptors fandom. He has a hardware cabinet to rival some of the most dominant college basketball greats, and he's continually improved his game year over year while at Purdue. One would expect players with unique size to be more injury prone due to the stress on their joints, but Edey's been just as durable as he's been dominant during his college career.

Why is he seen as more of a late round pick instead of a lottery talent?

A multitude of reasons.