2024 NBA Draft: Yves Missi

Athletic rim runner; we see this archetype every year. Is it worth it this time around?

The big from Baylor has been a popular name among Raptors fans this year. Is that kind of hype warranted? Be sure to check out the previous draft articles as well, starting with Tristan da Silva.

Yves Missi | 7'0 Big | Baylor | 20 years old

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The Intro

There is definitely room for the athletic rim runner archetype in the modern NBA - hell, I had Jalen Duren as a top 5 prospect in the 2022 Draft.

I think that if you fit into that niche of dunks on one end, lockdown defence on the other, you need to either be electrifyingly elite at one or both of those skills, or provide some ancillary skills that show you have room to grow or that you have dimensions to your game.

That's where my skepticism with Missi comes into play, and why I'd likely avoid him at the 19th pick this year.