Toronto Raptors-2 (-114)-130O 231.5 (-110)
Brooklyn Nets+2 (-106)+110U 231.5 (-110)
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Fan Duel Toronto Raptors

Statophile 25 | Potentially Paint Problems, DeRozan Under Duress, Lovin’ Lin

Three quick ones: More on the “no easy baskets” philosophy We touched on this topic before, however I believe its worth revisiting. As per our previous post “Stats, Lies and Eyes“, statistics often help highlight what our “eyes” miss, but they can sometimes be deceiving as well. I believe the Raptors’ lowest FG% for “points…

If I was David Stern

It’s the perfect time to offer an olive branch. It’s time to be a leader. Why make a deal now? Both sides are taking a big hit. It’s a stalemate and NO one (besides the lawyers) is winning: owners, players, agents, workers, fans, restaurants, charities, etc. The losses are building. The economy is fragile. Casual…

Statophile Volume 19 | Regular Season Review

The Final Count With the regular season over, we present the overall data for the year in this Statophile. Yes, most of the metrics are a bit ugly, but were expectations all that much higher? Nothing overly surprising: defense was the major issue for losses this year. Wonder if this guy may have helped? Man…