The (geek-infused) Big Board

The team at Raptors Republic has done a great job at breaking down our possible selections on the RR - so much so that it seems other popular mock drafts are copying phdsteve's selection of Avery Bradley in the 13th slot. However, the stats guy has a different selection at #13...

Winners spend well over the tax

The eight teams that remain in the playoffs spent an average of $80.0 million this year. And only Atlanta spend less than $75 million. We can conclude that we likely need to spend in Colangelo's "higher than that" category to be a contender.

What to do

Can we seriously make a real change with only 12 games to go? Absolutely. And besides, the status quo doesn't work. Demand performance and you just may get it as the talent is there. Challenge your franchise player to lead by example. Go to war. Together.

Hedo, not Hero (for now)

Tom Liston looks at Hedo Turkoglu's numbers and uncovers the facts behind Hedo's struggles (spoiler: he's not really struggling that much) while suggesting ways the Turk can get out of his funk.

Why we’re winning

Before the season started, I stated that "I believe there are a few keys IF the Raptors are to get somewhere in the 45 win range – which would likely place them in the 4 to 6 spot in the East". This update checks keeps statistics in mind and reviews the Raptors’ progress. So far,…

A Better Bargnani

There is no doubt even the casual fan has observed Andrea Bargnani’s growth this year. This post helps quantify how much better, clearly shows how his game has developed and highlights one key piece still missing in his repertoire.

Belinelli and Weems are the “Wright” Solutions

The Raptors have challenges at the wing position. Hedo, ... well we all know the issue there - even though there are signs of improvement at least in terms of effort in recent games. DeMar DeRozan has loads of potential and the consensus view is to keep his development going by having him start. The…