Raptors lose to Suns in heartbreaker

Actually went to this affair which saw the return of Chris Bosh and the exit of TJ Ford and Jorge Garbajosa. It ended 100-98 for the Suns and more importantly, no pizza for me since the Raptors didn’t reach the 100 point plateau. The Suns jumped out to a 17 point second quarter lead at ... Read more

Raptors get what they deserve against Bulls

To put it simply, the Bulls have too much quality for the Raptors to handle. After owning the Bulls for several seasons (16 straight wins I believe), the Raptors lost their 15th straight against Chicago and this time the recipe for disaster was pretty much the same. Dominant guard play by Kirk Hinrich and Ben ... Read more

Raptors exact revenge against Blazers; top division

Having already won the game once at the end of regulation, TJ Ford feeds Andrea Bargnani for the open jumper after sucking in all five Portland defenders. Thats how it ended: 101-100 at the Rose Garden in Portland where both Lamond Murray and Chris Bosh failed to provide last second heroics in seasons past. Revenge ... Read more

NBA Power Rankings

NBA.com has taken a page out of ESPN (pretty much copied them) and started to rank teams on a weekly basis – also known as the NBA Power Rankings. This week sees NBA.com and ESPN.com rank both their top five the exact same: Phoenix San Antonio Utah Dallas Detroit No surprises or major arguments against ... Read more

TJ Ford guns down Clippers in Wild West Showdown

TJ Ford brought back memories of Vince Carter in LA with a buzzer beating jumper to down the Clippers 98-96. With 15 seconds left and the score tied, Sam Mitchell called the best play: nothing. Just let TJ go one-on-one. Quentin Ross stumbled and the rest is history. Raps started this one off on positive ... Read more

Raptors lose expectedly versus Suns

If anybody expected the Raps to pull this one though, they were out of their mind. Even Bryan Colangelo agrees. An expected loss at the hands of the Suns saw a surprisingly competitive 3/4 of the first quarter which is when Phoenix decided to run up and down the floor and turn the game around. ... Read more

Raptors beat Warriors; West coast awaits

Can you believe that a 10-14 team is tops in the Atlantic? That is the case as the Raps beat the Warriors 120-115 at the ACC in another well-deserved team win. Much like the Nets game, six players ended up in double figures with Morris Peterson leading the way with 23. Recapping the game is ... Read more

Raptors vs. Nets: Chuck Swirsky, please shut up

Raptors/Nets today and the Raps manage to pull of another sweet win, 90-78 at the ACC with Vince having a miserable game and fans chanting “Carter Sucks” pretty loudly and effectively in the fourth quarter. Total team win with six players in double figures. But lets leave that on the side for a few minutes. ... Read more

Raptors. vs. Magic: Jack Armstrong is funny

Moment of truth from the Raptors vs. Magic game from Orlando where the Raps surprisingly pulled off a pretty sweet victory. Chuck “organizational mouthpiece” Swirsky was busy describing how great it was that Dwight Howard wished in 8th grade that he would win a state championship and then be selected #1 overall in the NBA ... Read more

Mo Pete: The Viscious Circle

It’s hard to believe that Morris Peterson has already been in the league for six seasons. That’s six long seasons of NBA service marked by varying degrees of promise and glimpses of being better than average. As a rookie the best thing about him used to be that he could move without the ball and ... Read more

Cousin Shahid’s Analysis of Charlie V for TJ Ford

i’m not thrilled with tj ford. i saw him play in college alot. he is incredibly quick and can push the ball like crazy. offensively, he has a weak jumper. he’s an average nba point. but villanueva was expendable with bargnani there because they pretty much play the same postion.

Bad Camera Work

Watch any basketball broadcast on ABC, TNT or ESPN and you can’t escape watching camera angles that make you wonder, “WTF was that for?” You know the ones I’m talking about. The fat 50 year old who finally decides to get up from his seat and pump his fist like he’s the one who hit ... Read more