Pre-Game: Raptors vs Nets – Mar. 4/11

When the NBA scheduled the Nets and Raptors to play two regular season games in London, England, they weren’t expecting either team to have a superstar among their ranks. Not anymore, the Nets scooped up Deron Williams, the biggest coup since the Lakers landed Gasol. Even though they are 0-3 in the D-Will era, the ... Read more

Defense on Trial

The first of a mini-series examining the Raptor players, and how they stack up in regards to a particular facet of the game. In this case: Defense. The Starters Calderon You do a lot of running around, your arms are active, you’re always yelling, but not a whole lot of defense is going on. Amazing ... Read more

Delfino’s Interview Translated (Injury concern)

This interview is a week or so old, but Raúl Ruscitti did us a great favour in translating this interview… In an interview with a basketball radio show in Argentina, Carlos Delfino talked about the possibility of returning to the NBA, his right shoulder injury that limited his participation last season, and his decision of ... Read more

A Lot of Action

He didn’t get the trophy for yesterdays coup d’etat, but he deserves it in my book. Let it not be said that BryCo doesn’t do work. In what is the craziest trade this franchise ever made, B.C. Colangelo turned Marion, Humphries and Uni-brow (Douby) into Hedo (don’t call me Hedu) Turkoglu, Devean George, Antoine Wright ... Read more

Bryan Doing Work

Reports claim he has been living on Red Bull and Twinkies the last couple days/nights. The shot-clock is expiring, and Colangelo has put in more work over the last few days then he has all season, I can feel it. His Teflon is wearing thin with whispers that his job could be on the line. ... Read more

Morning Coffee – May 23

  Bullets Forever Tier 1: Chris Bosh (16 million through 2010) Notes: Toronto is Chris Bosh and a bunch of guys I don’t want.  Bosh has the highest value of anyone on this list.  He’s the only guy I’d trade McGee for and the only guy I’d consider giving up one of the Big 3 ... Read more

Roll Call – Season Wrap up

The “I told you so” edition Adams – possessed the characteristics you look for as a general manager of an NBA franchise: a fire hydrant with a headband. Hassan brought as much value to our team as would rap lessons from 50 Cent given to Jake Voskuhl. Banks – at least Hassan isn’t costing us ... Read more

Roll Call – Apr 15 vs Bulls

The “don’t shed a tear” edition Banks – call the toe truck. Bargnani – meh, no reason to play since you have 4-5 months off. Why stress yourself? Bosh – started off hot, then went as cold as Joan Rivers’ vajayjay. Then the light went off and he put his middle finger up for all ... Read more

Roll Call – Apr 13 vs Wizards

The “payback’s a bitch” edition Banks – dead weight. Bargnani – faker. Bosh – absolute bonehead play late fourth in not hustling to the ball and letting Dixon blow by you, steal it, and score what could have been the dagger. To make up for it, he did what franchise players do: win the game. ... Read more

Roll Call – Apr 12 vs Sixers

The “Violet Palmer needs to be demoted” edition Banks – if he becomes an alcoholic, can he come off our cap? Bargnani – reminded us of the pre-Christmas Bargs. A quiet 17, but 4 fouls and just 2 boards. Bad time to pull a Keon when cult hero Armstrong dubbed you as the top Raptor ... Read more

Roll Call – Apr 10 vs Wizards

The “Boogie Williams” edition Banks – the only pressing question: how is the toe? Bargnani – wonder if his heel bone is connected to his shooting bone? Brutal shooting night can be partially chalked up to the Wizards putting quick defenders on him, but he should have been able to shoot over them with ease. ... Read more